Noticing people.


I’m not pretty sure why i’m writing in English or what is the purpose of this at all, but let’s keep moving.

Noticing people, we all want to be noticed, by this cute guy in the café, by our parents, by our friends, by everyone; we are really selfish, because directly or not, we all want attention, and I’m sure that’s why only a few people in our entire life notice us, because we notice a few people in their entire life too.

It makes sense, or at least my brain it’s trying to figure out a way where it’s makes sense. Think, how many people has you notice? And noticing here doesn’t mean “seeing” or “meeting”, here means “knowing”, how many times has you taken hours and hours knowing someone? There you go, now you see the truth, we are selfish.

I’ve just noticed someone. He reminds me to everyone but anyone, he’s interesting; noticing him was interesting too, I wish I had noticed more people, but I’m still young, or what’s I’m supposed to be.

It really kind of sucks when you aren’t noticed, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll enjoy doing it, but not now, I only want to notice him again, okay, I’m driving my own self crazy, we’ll see how it ends.

P.D.: There are 16 hours left to know my destiny.




  1. Hi! Miss fallviour; as you say, we have many friends but they aren’t (truly) noticed. I agree with you… up to a point. I don’t think there’s a person who’s only selfish: we are like the jing and the jang; we aren’t entirely black or white, we have dots (times) when we want to be the oposite. It’s too boring to be always smiling. There are times when you don’t want to see anyone (neither talk). But that doesn’t define us. Well… it’s all my opinion.

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